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BT-SV, locust, PZ IIJ and KV-5 bundles

Jump to content. I really want to know how this thing is to play. I own tanks. II Ausf. My You Tube Channel! American Medium Specialist.

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Jump to content. In my opinion, this is the most fun tank in all of the world of tenky tenky tenks and my favourite vehicle to play. Anyway, if you’ve never seen or heard of the Locust before, I’ll break it down as to why this may make a worthy purchase. Compared to the other lights of the tier, it looses out by quite a bit. So, if it looses out on penetration and barely keeps up with damage, does this gun shine in other places?

Well, yes. Even at a modest distance, you’ll be surprised with the shots you’ll hit sometimes, and at closer ranges there is no need to stop and aim at all.

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to play tier 3, but I didnt have a tier 3. so he bought me an M22 locust. competitive with tier 4 and have premium matchmaking so they never.

Hey – great article. I can’t see that we will be compensated the gold equivalent if we have already own a premium tank. I am at the ‘Drop Hotel’ level of points prize no. Am I missing something somewhere. Keep up the great work. Hey, the discounted gold prices are only relevant to the bundles which you find in the Store. As for the Earn Op itself, there are the two prize options of the tank or silver equivalent but no sort of gold substitute for it.

‘World Of Tanks’ Launching In Open Beta For PS4 On Dec. 4

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m22 locust war thunder.

The tier 3 American premium light tank M22 Locust is certainly a fun low tier premium tank to play, but does it perform well enough to justify playing over other tier 3 tanks? If you own other American light tanks you can transfer them into the M22 Locust to continue to train them and to have an experienced crew in the Locust from the get go. The M The M22 Locust is a short tank length and height wise which makes it difficult to hit at long range and especially while moving.

Use this as your armor since you cannot damage what you cannot hit. Yes, it only does 40 damage per shot and when you are facing tanks above tier 3 it feels like you are simply throwing rocks at some tanks. While a lot of low tier tanks do have bad accuracy values around. What makes up for the bad accuracy and low damage per shot are the other characteristics of the 37mm M6 gun.

The premium APCR shell bumps the penetration up to 78mm which allows you to damage tougher tanks at tier 4 and tier 5.

16 – 23 May: [Premium Shop] USA Military Week

We like tanks and hate artillery. We are here for the free exchange of tips, strategies, player guides, how-to’s, news, information, and discussion. You can still post. We just wont like you much.

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This guide offers a brief overview of the Valentine II in World of Tanks, along with what to expect from this Premium tank and how to use it in battle. For tips on how to use another low-tier Premium tank, check out our guide for the M22 Locust in World of Tanks. Britain supplied the U. The Valentine II is a Tier 4 Light tank that has good camouflage values and more HP than you would expect from other light tanks of this tier. As a Premium tank, the Valentine II will allow you to earn more credits and combat experience per battle.

For a light tank, the Valentine II also has a noticeably slower acceleration due to its weaker engine, which can hinder your overall mobility.


The Locust is a fast and small tank, reaching its top speed of 64kph pretty quickly regardless of terrain. Differences with its German counterpart, the T , include higher penetration, while being much less maneuverable and having a somewhat lower view range. Thus, it’s not capable of driving in tiny circles at full speed. However, Improved Ventilation , a fully trained crew, and some driving experience with this tank can help neutralize these drawbacks.

The M22 Locust is a fast and fun tank to play. When scouting, don’t rush out too far; the radio range of the M22 is limited.

This section serves for matchmaking analysis. korpakukac on December 10, at am said: Get M22 LOCUST + GOLD (EU, NA, ASIA server).

Wargaming’s title has an open beta weekend scheduled between Dec. All you have to do is download the free game on PlayStation 4 and roll out in a tank of your choice. You start by selecting which nation you want as your tank manufacturer the United States, Russia, Germany, China, etc. Then, you select one vehicle that fits into one of five categories: light tank, medium tank, heavy tank, artillery or tank destroyer.

Once you decide what type of armor you want to drive, just throw yourself into battle. The matchmaking is quick and balanced, at least for the PC version. Matches where your team wins give you a lot of points that can be used to upgrade the tank or buy new vehicles from the same family.

M22 Locust – Стреляющий куст – Гайд

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